Solo Ads Secrets Review 2020

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solo ads secrets review

You Know That List Building Is The Best Way For Small Entrepreneurs To Make A Big Money These Days…

Have you ever thought about building a highly responsive email list, but you’re stuck spinning your wheels, because you’re just not sure how to get started the right way?

Are you frustrated trying to build a responsive lists of leads who know you, like you, and want to buy from you?

Then you’ll love this perfect way in to lead generation using solo ads!

Check Solo Ads Secrets now, and finally get the freedom and confidence that’s only possible when you have a list of truly responsive leads who ultimately become lifetime fans and buyers.

So if you want to realize the freedom and prestige that’s only possible when you have a ravenous following, and finally be an authority in your niche… You’re going to love this.

And You’ll Crack A Big Smile Every Time You Email Your List…

Solo Ads Secrets Members area

Solo Ads Secrets Members Area

Who Solo Ads Secrets course is for

  • If you’re frustrated that you’ve tried building an email subscriber list, but just aren’t sure how to start on the best foot.
  • If you’re an existing email marketer, or aspiring email marketer, or if you’re just interested in generating leads via solo ads.
  • If you’ve thought about using solo ads as a lead generation method, but would love to take a crash course beforehand.
  • If you’ve tried using solo ads before, but got ripped off, or just weren’t sure how to bond with your subscribers.
  • If you’d love nothing more than to build your list with solo ads, but aren’t sure how to build a basic funnel that optimizes your traffic while establishing authority in your niche.

What You Will Learn

LESSON 1: Understand Traffic

Solo ads secrets -LESSON 1: Understand Traffic

In this 18:38 second lesson you will learn how to pick a traffic generation strategy that fits for your business. 

Have you ever heard? – Not all traffic is created equal.

And it’s true!

Every traffic source is different and the mindset of people who are checking out your offer can be very different.

For example on social media people are usually looking for entertainment so your marketing needs to provide it.

After this lesson you will understand how powerful solo ads can be for your business compared with other traffic generation strategies.

Because with solo ads you can even find people who have already purchased products in your niche.

All you need is the information how to find these solo ads and put your offer in-front of these people.

LESSON 2 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Solo Ads World

solo ads secrets - LESSON 2 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Solo Ads World

In this 37:42 seconds lesson you will discover the most common solo ads traps. 

I’m talking about the “shenanigans” some vendors are using to deliver you low quality traffic just so they can complete your order.

This lesson alone can save you hundreds if not thousands of marketing dollars, because now you know how to avoid these people.

Also I will explain how a REAL Solo Ad should look like!

You are a smart business person and I’m sure you understand that it’s as important to know what NOT to do!

After this lesson you will be more education than most solo ads users out there.

LESSON 3 – Why Tracking Is Important?

solo ads secrets - lesson 3 - Why Tracking Is Important

I’m sure you understand that you can’t improve something if you don’t measure. 

In short if you don’t know what’s wrong, it’s almost impossible to fix the problem.

First of all correct tracking gives you control!

You can detect if vendor is sending you fake or low quality traffic.

Your tracking data is the only proof you will ever have to hold unethical solo ads vendors accountable and get your money back.

Second you will have the information how to improve things on your side to make more sales with quality traffic.

Lesson duration 25:31 seconds.

LESSON 4 – Popular Marketplaces and Solo Ads From FB Groups… Any Good?

solo ads secrets - lesson 4 -Popular Marketplaces and Solo Ads From FB Groups Any Good

As I mentioned these are the sources where most people are purchasing solo ads simply because somebody referred them there. 

These sources are the easy way to find solo ads vendors however these are the sources where you can stubble upon a lot of shady people.

You will learn how to avoid them and how to find the good vendors from this mess.

Because there are very good solo ad vendors there!

Also remember these are the sources that thousands of other marketers are using because they don’t know any better.

However the main goal of this 20:36 seconds lesson is to educate how to use these mainstream sources that thousands of other people are using as well.

How to find those good people there

LESSON 5 – My Top Strategies To Find High Quality Solo Ads in Any Niche

solo ads secrets - lesson 5 -My Top Strategies To Find High

I’m sure this headline sounds very exciting!

In this 30:10 SECONDS  lesson I will finally reveal strategies I have been using for years to find solo ads sources that other people don’t even know exist!

So far I have been education you mainly on how to avoid the “shenanigans” out there.

Now it’s time to talk about the strategies that can get you results you have been dreaming about.

Sources that can put your offer infront of targeted people who are in the right mindset to see what you are offering.

You can even put your offer infront of buyers in your niche.

What do you think?

Would you like to learn how to do it?

Do you think it can be the missing piece of the puzzle?

Yes, a lot of times it is the missing piece 🙂

LESSON 6 – Mobile vs Desktop

solo ads secrets - lesson 6 -Mobile vs Desktop

As you can guess we are going to talk about the difference between mobile and desktop traffic. 

People who are using solo ads have so many questions about it.

Should I only use desktop traffic?

Is mobile traffic better because I can get it cheaper than desktop?

How to make both work?

You will get answers to all these questions in this 7:40 lesson.

Get Solo Ads Secrets now ($40 off)

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