Step 3 – Email Ad Swaps – The Free Method

email ad swaps

Email Ad Swaps

Email ad swaps are the preferred list building method for many internet marketers. First, it is free (Note: the ad swaps are Free but the place to find partners to swap with has a small monthly subscription which is way worth it in my opinion). Second, the traffic you get to your offers Should Be Targeted as you get visitors who really want to see and get what you offer. And 3rd, it is usually safe (especially if you join a community for ad swaps such as safe-swaps which I demo how to do so in the videos below).

An Ad Swap, in simple terms is when you exchange ads (basically emailing your lists with each others’ free offers) with someone, (called ad swap partner), for an agreed number of clicks (one click is considered when someone receiving the email you send to your list, clicks on a link within that email and goes to visit the offer of your partner) . So just to ensure it has sunk in as it is important, Ad Swaps work by You sending an Ad Swap Partner’s FREE offer to your list and that Ad-swap partner is sending your FREE offer to their lists.

Considering the Last Statement above, you may start to see the Caveat; You Can Do Ad Swaps Only Once You Also Have a List (even a small one hence the goal to get to 1000+ active subscribers)

Now assuming you have a list already or created a small one by using the methods outlined above, the next questions should be:

1) Where Do I Find Ad swap partners to Do Ad-Swaps? AND

2) How Do I Actually Arrange One?

Well, the 1st video below will show you how to register and use, what is probably the largest JV & List building community in the Internet, Safe swaps. Joining This JV & List Building Community will allow you to build your list exponentially and safely. In the video I even show you how to book an ad swap, assuming you have built the small list of at least 1000 subscribers mentioned above (if you haven’t or don’t want to spend the time to do so, please see the section on solo ads below). So you have no excuses for not doing so really ?

NOTE: Since the making of this video safe swaps have changed their interface. While the logic of what you accomplish using safe swaps and the actions remain the same, where each option is and the “feel” compared to this video will be different. Just poke around a bit ?

Click Here To Join Safe-Swaps For Free and to Get The Discount For the Full Membership


Note: If you have previously registered as a free member using perhaps a link on my personal blog or signature email (if you have been receiving my premium newsletter) then all you have to do is activate the account you’ve created before in order to take full advantage of what I show in the videos!


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