How To Write Killer Solo Ads Swipes in 2019

If you are not writing killer solo ads swipes,

things will not be much fun for you. Solo ads are a great source of traffic that many people struggle to get right. The fact is if you do not have a small marketing budget, it can be hard to make this form of advertising work well for you. But, if you can follow a proven plan, you just might succeed. Here’s a great plan of attack:

Get people’s attention. How are you going to get people to buy your products if you can not even get them to open your email? The subject line must compel people to open your email. This is the first step in the process of writing a killer solo ads swipes copy. What is a problem in your niche? Using problem-based email subject lines works great. Write a subject line that gets people thinking about a problem they struggle with. It almost always gets people to open.

Shorter ad copy always works best. Do you REALLY think that someone will read your email? Of course, they will not. People like to scan content and look for whatever is most interesting to them. So keep your email copy around 150 words. Use bullet points that explain the benefits of your product and never write more than 2 sentences per paragraph. If you can make your content easy on the eyes, your click-through rate will be outstanding.

Get people to click through to your lead capture page.

Here’s the most important part of your solo ad: getting people to click through to your squeeze page. Nothing else matters! If you are not getting people to click through and join your mailing list so that you can warm them up to your products and services, you are losing.

Test and track every email you publish to. If you want to write the best ad copy, track the results of previous ads. I know this might sound obvious but it is almost always overlooked by newbies.

Believe it or not, you can actually keep using the same email over and over again. If it performs well for one email, chances are that it will also do well for different emails. If it is not broken, do not fix it! Once you are experienced in writing killer solo ads swipes, it will be very easy to success with solo advertising.

Each step has its place. The subject line gets people to open the email, and the email ad copy sells the click. Focus your efforts on mastering each step, and writing good solo ads swipes will become a natural process for you.

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