My Worst Financial Mistakes

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Date: 2019-08-30 22:30:00

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Lets talk about the worst financial mistakes that I’ve made, the lesson I’ve learned, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes I’ve made…enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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First: Day Trading Penny Stocks As A Teenager
Here’s what I learned: Don’t invest in anything you don’t fully understand, do NOT invest in volatile Penny Stocks, and NEVER follow someone else’s advice blindly on the internet. Investing takes time and patience…and you CANNOT rush things because you’re overly excited about making money.

Second: Working your way up
Here’s what I learned: If there’s something you want to do, just go right for it – don’t waste your time and energy trying to “prove” yourself, thinking that eventually you’ll get there if you work hard enough…just skip that, and start doing what you want.

Third: Go have fun
If anything, I made more money by hanging out with friends because some of those friends either used me to buy or sell a home, or they referred me more business…so if you’re in a similar position, go out and enjoy yourself. It’s not a big deal.

Fourth: Working with too many people
Learn to be selective with your time, and don’t work with everyone for too long. At a certain point, the ONLY way to continue making more money is to focus only on the bigger picture – and get rid of anything else that stands in your way, or takes up too much of your time.

Fifth: Being too comfortable
If you find yourself feeling bored, unchallenged, and dis-satisfied with where you are right now, CHANGE THINGS. Your mind CONSTANTLY needs new stimuli, you need to constantly be moving forward in order to be fulfilled and grow as a person.

Sixth: Timing the market
It’s better to find a good deal and buy it, then it is trying to time the markets perfectly at their top and low. Buy with the intention of holding long term.

Seventh: Not understanding taxes
I highly recommend EVERYONE watching, who has any type of self employed business income…or even any type of income over $100,000…hire someone REALLY good to do your taxes.

Eighth: Not getting a credit card
Had I just opened a credit card at 18 and had a decent credit score by 21, I could’ve easily doubled the real estate I bought back in 2011…and that would’ve been HUGE for me now, almost 10 years later. So don’t make that mistake like I did…if you’re watching this, over the age of 16 years old, and you don’t have a credit card…get a credit card. Thank me later.

And those are my worst financial mistakes that I have made so far, and what I’ve learned from them going forward. Like I said, some of them were a little more nuanced than usual…but all of them were so important in helping me get here today. And if you can take a shortcut by AVOIDING the same mistakes that I made, then at least they weren’t made in vain.

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