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Follow along: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1-v9cw18wTDjaCUlECKHsQnHeisLKyG8U
We need to save Jabril and John Green Bot’s movie nights. Jabril generally likes action movies and John Green Bot likes romantic movies, but they need to find something that they can both watch and enjoy together. Today, we’re going to build a movie recommender systems to find that perfect movie. With the help of the LensKit library, our AI will use existing movie ratings from the MovieLens dataset and personalized ratings from Jabril and John Green Bot to perform user-user collaborative filtering. We’ll then create a Jabril Green Bot hybrid that will average these ratings to try and find something that they both want to watch.

Lenskit documentation: https://java.lenskit.org/documentation/

Our GitHub for this lab: https://github.com/crash-course-ai/lab4-recommender-systems

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