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Date: 2020-01-23 08:30:00

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How to be kind

It’s getting harder and harder to meet new people that are genuinely kind, mainly because there’s a sense of selfishness behind each action. But in this video, I show you some simple ways to make everyone’s day better.
When you see a homeless person sitting in the cold, don’t hesitate to bring them some gloves, some warm food, coffee and maybe a blanket. This will keep them warm and it’ll make their day.
When you see a pregnant woman on the bus or the train, always offer her your seat. Or when she’s carrying a ton of stuff, offer to help. It’s not good for pregnant women to carry a lot of weight.
When you see someone trying to steal someone else’s wallet, always intervene in a very subtle way to also keep yourself out of trouble.
You can always offer your umbrella to people that are sitting in the rain.
Kindness always gets returned, when someone is kind to you, be kind to someone else, then that person will be kind to a different individual, and it creates a circle where we make the world a better place.

0:28 – Ways to help homeless people
2:08 – Always look out for blind people
3:47 – When kindness is returned
5:45 – Giving away your food
6:53 – Prevent bad things from happening
9:59 – Bringing happiness to the kids
10:51 – Sharing love with your parents and grandparents


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