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This is one of the best programs I have seen because you can earn for free.

Here are my earnings after 16 days. I have upgraded to VIP though and you should too!



Here are the bonus landing pages I promised you:


Replace yourid with the id at the end of your unique link from step 1 in EEC membership area.

Don’t worry about if the rest of the link looks different than mine just use the end.





Here are some places to advertise FREE.

Click Here


How to promote EEC.

There are powerful methods to promote EEC in the vip partners portal

You can promote on your facebook timeline, facebook groups, twitter, craigslist, backpage, classifieds, forums, etc.

Here is a way to master facebook groups.
FB Groups Training


Here is a very powerful technique to promote EEC for free.

Search facebook groups for people actually earning money in other programs.
People earning money are more likely to upgrade in EEC.
Try to find people that are posting their income proof or some other indication that they are being paid.
I would avoid crypto type programs since they are much different.


Then message these people the following message.
Please make any improvements to the message you want. I am not a great copywriter. LOL.
Only message up to 20 people per day.
You can friend request these people if you want but don’t wait until they accept to message them.


Change xxxx and yyyy to their name and program if specified.

Hi xxxx,

Congrats on your amazing success with yyyy!

I can help you monetize those leads even further for free.

Since you already have the leads this is a no-brainer!
You can make an additional $1 from your tier 1 leads from a free registration and $10 or $100 on all leads if they upgrade.
You can join and earn for free in any country that you can accept weekly Paypal payments.
For more info just message me back.
Have a great day!



Top Reasons You Should Upgrade To VIP:

1) You can earn $500 commissions. The majority of my earnings are from $500 commissions.


2) You can earn 2nd tier 20% commissions if you do the one time $1,000 upgrade.
So if someone you refer refers someone who does the one time VIP upgrade you make $200.


3) It is much easier to get people to upgrade. People won’t take you seriously if you are asking them to upgrade and you haven’t upgraded yourself.


4) So you don’t miss commissions. If I had waited to upgrade, I would have lost $3,600.


5) 30 Days of traffic training in the VIP members area.


6) Complete 31 video Youtube training to get tons of free Youtube traffic.


7) Priority support and a special email address to get quick help.


8) Access to EEC VIP Facebook group.



Can free members earn?
Yes they can earn $1 per tier 1 lead that confirms their email by clicking a link in the email EEC sends them, and then logs in.

They can also earn $100 commissions for any member that upgrades to VIP regardless of what country they are in.


What is a tier 1 country?

In regards to EEC, tier 1 countries are United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.


How much does it cost to upgrade to VIP?

It costs $1000 one time called lifetime or $100 per month for 12 months so $1200. You save $200 by paying in advance.
If you do the one time lifetime $1000 upgrade you also get 20% 2nd tier commissions.


What are the benefits to upgrading to VIP?

You earn $1.20 per lead instead of $1 per lead.
You earn $500 upgrade commissions instead of $100.
You have access to a private EEC VIP facebook group.
You have access to traffic training.
You get my free bonus of a funnel system.
You get private coaching from me on how to best earn here and in Yoonla.


Should I promote only to tier 1 countries?

For paid traffic yes and if possible only desktop, non mobile traffic.

For free traffic, you can promote to all since if anyone upgrades you will still get the $100 or $500 commissions.

If you still not have FREE EEC Account then create it HERE



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