How Much Money I Make Selling Merch

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Date: 2019-10-28 22:30:01

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Here is exactly how much I make selling merch, how print on demand works, and my thoughts on building a business to generate passive income – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan


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In terms of how much money I make:
I realize that my cost of goods is pretty high, and my total profit would be much more if I could bring those costs down. HOWEVER, the entire point of doing all of this was so I could test out the demand, and try a proof of concept to see if this was something worth pursuing.

If I were going to go all out with this, and really dedicate my time to selling merch…knowing what I know now, I’d likely pre-order the most popular items in bulk, going with a fulfillment center like 3PL which would manage the supply and inventory – and they’d charge a small fee per order. Doing that would give me much better profit margins in terms of selling merch.

Secondly, to be completely honest…I thought selling merch would be a REALLY easy thing to do. It seems like EVERY YouTuber is doing it, so I just assumed it would be a super viable business right from the start…but, I quickly realized that was wrong. I thought this was something I could just throw in the description and it would sell itself, but nope…in order for sales to go up, I need to be continually mentioning the store and bringing up it’s awareness.

And that brings me to my third realization…I’m not a great salesperson, and I don’t feel good constantly pushing something down your throat. Doing something like that doesn’t come naturally to me, but I also realize it’s something I have to do in order for people to actually know about it…and there’s a fine balance between how much I can mention something before it starts getting really annoying.

Given that, I was faced with a realization…I don’t want to pitch a product all the time, so when I DO want to mention something, I have to be VERY selective about it…and the fact is, if I’m going to “pitch something,” it’s MUCH better for me to promote my program than it is my merch line – which which is a pretty low ROI, all things considered.

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