Helpful Tips In Using Solo Ads To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website in 2019

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business

because no matter how good your website is if no one knows it exists then your online business is dead.

There are several ways that you can get quality traffic to your website or offer. The traffic methods you choose however will depend on what you have more of … Time or Money.

Whilst free traffic methods such as guest blogging, forums, and social media are great for sending quality traffic to your website or offer, they do take time. If you do not have a lot of time then you need to invest some money.

In this article I want to share with you a paid traffic method which will get you quality traffic FAST called a Solo Ad.

Put simply a solo ad is where you pay another internet marketer who has a large list in your niche or topic a certain amount of money per click, to send out your email copy (message) to their list.

Now your email message will have a link to your opt-in page or website which includes your free report or offer.

For this, to work best you need to find reputable solo ad sellers who have good reviews and can provide clicks from top tier countries like the US, Canada, Australia etc.

In order to find reputable sellers, you can type into your internet browser something like .. solo ad directory or provider. Here with a little research, you can find sellers with good reviews, large verified lists, and who will run your email copy in a week or less.

Once you have found a reputable vendor you should contact them and send a link to your website or offer and ask them to review it to see if it will work with their list.

You can also find plenty of other ad providers that are niche specific by doing an internet search like weight loss solo ads or personal development solo ads.

Depending on the ad seller you could pay anywhere from 30 cents to $ 1 per click. Some sellers may require you to purchase packages of 100 clicks or more but in many cases, you can choose how many clicks you wish to purchase. Always start small at first – say 100 clicks or less to see if your email copy connects well and then you can scale up if it does.

Now, remember, because you are paying for ad space you need to write a powerful email message.

Again if you’re not a good writer just do a simple internet search like .. How to write a solo ad, which will bring up plenty of video training on how to write these.

Alternately you can ask the seller wherever they have any examples of email creative copy which has worked well with their list in the past. Professional sellers know what works with their list and you can model your email message on the examples they send you.

Your email message should firstly …

Emphasize your free gift or report with short impactful statements or paragraphs.

For example, if you are running an ad to get people to sign up to your weight loss newsletter then your email copy will be centered around your free ‘5 Tips to Lose Weight by Summer’ report.

Secondly … Link to your opt-in page or website two or three times in your email message.

By running your ad the seller is putting their reputation and the reputation of their newsletter or website on the line. Therefore, if your email message is poorly written, full of hype or spammy they will most likely reject it.

With solo ads … Quality is the key to conversions!

Once your email ad has been run give it some time to work (48 hours is best) and track your conversion rate.

For example, if you purchased 100 clicks and got 30 new subscribers then your ad is converting at 30% (above 25% is very good). In this case, plan to repeat the ad with this seller periodically, say once a month until the conversion rate drops.

On the other hand, if you bought 100 clicks and got just 4 subscribers then your conversion rate is 4% (a poor result) in which case you may need to either alter your email message and retest it or find a different seller to test your ad.

In the case of the latter, it’s likely that their list may not be any good particularly if your previous test using the same ads have good conversions with a different seller.

So with solo ads, you may need to run a few tests and with different sellers to see what converts. Always test with a small number of clicks (100 or less) to begin with so you do not pay too much then scale up and repeat when you have a good conversion rate.

In summary …

  • Buy ads from reputable sellers.
  • Write a high-quality powerful email swap highlighting your free report with links to your opt-in page or website.
  • Test your ad with a small number of clicks and record the results of each ad you buy.
  • Make adjustments to your email copy if necessary and retest or buy ads from different sellers.
  • Once you have good conversions scale up and repeat.

Solo ads are the Fast way of getting quality traffic to your website or offer.

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