Step 1 – List building is Really The Key

List building is Really The Key

List building is really key if you are doing anything online as these are the people who you market to, hopefully, offers that are of value and not just anything that you get access. This is important as most people do just that, unfortunately.

You see, there is the, now famous, expression “the money is in the list”. But if this was the entire truth, spammers with million of addresses would be millionaires. So there is obviously the relationship with your list that makes that statement above become true. I will assume you know why you want to build a list and I will concentrate on how to do so.

The “Free-to-Paid” Business Model

Most people in Internet Marketing and thus in list building, use what is known as the “Free to Paid Model”. This basically works by setting up your sales funnel entrance with a squeeze page, offering something for free in exchange for your visitor’s name and/or email address. Once the visitors opt-in to get your free gift they are now subscribers and they then go through the rest of your front end sales funnel. This should consist of at least 1-2 One-Time VALUED offers (e.g. High-Value low Price offers). This way, you may also get some money practically immediately from your front end sales funnel. This is key especially if you are using paid methods as it effectively helps you bootstrap your list building in terms of costs. (trust me, it works)