Step 4 – Email Solo Ads – Is Quickest Way To Go from $0 to $Profit

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Now if you don’t want to wait to get to the first 1000 subscribers so you can do the FREE list building with Ad Swaps and you have some money to spend to buy traffic (Highly Recommended), you can do what is called Solo Ads. Solo ads, in comparison to ad swaps are not free but it’s the fastest way to build your list from 0.

Solo ads work by you purchasing a number of predefined clicks (say from 50 to 500+) for a set price per click, from people selling clicks e.g. traffic (called solo ad sellers). Average prices for solo ads are $0.30 – $0.50 per click. So buying 100 clicks would cost you between $30 to $50, depending on the solo ad seller. Considering that a typical good squeeze page (the entrance to the sales funnel) converts its visitors between 35%-40%, that means that for 200 (clicks) visitors, you will get 70-80 subscribers in your list with just buying one solo ad, for 200 clicks and having spent $70-$80 on average. This would mean than each subscriber has cost you around $1 (or the per Lead cost was $1) which is a great Return on Investment (considering that the average “worth” of a subscriber (in terms of purchasing ability) is $1 per month (However, over time this number on hte same subscriber may get significantly lower)

Now assuming you have 1-2 good converting One-Time Offers (a typical conversion for OTOs is 2%) in your sales funnel, you may even get 1-3 of those subscribers to buy one or both of the OTOs and thus, “bootstrap” the cost of the solo ad! (just make sure you re-read this whole paragraph to ensure you get the potential here)

Video 2 below will show you how to find and book solo ads sellers using your safe-swaps account. It is assumed that you have registered and configured your “Safe Swaps” account as shown invideo 1 above.

NOTE: Since the making of this video safe swaps have changed their interface and have also moved the solo ads section into a different site on its own (link below). While the logic of what you are trying to accomplish and the actions remain the same, the where each option is and the feel compare to this video will be different. Just poke around a bit ?

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