Step 2 – Build Your First 1000+ Subscribers

So your first goal should be to get 1000+ active* subscribers into your list. Why at least 1000? Because 1000 subs should enable you to send at least 20-50 clicks** per email. And once you manage to do that, you can then really take advantage of the methods I show you in the videos below. To get to the first 1000 subscribers there are a few free methods and a paid method. I highly recommend the latter. If you have some money to invest in your IM business, skip the rest of the text and go to the videos below (especially video2). Otherwise here are some methods to get you to those first 1000+ subscribers:

  • Safe Lists and Traffic Exchanges – You can Google to find out what they are exactly but for now, these are sites that people go to place an ad for free using credits. You get some credits when you first join for free in such sites but you get more usually by visiting other members sites for a predefined number of seconds. Of all the Free Methods, this is the less quality in terms of traffic.
  • Giveaway Events – Again you can Google the term, but in brief, these are events organized by other marketers where one usually joins as a contributor by offering their free gift (basically the link to their squeeze page) and when the event starts getting traffic ie visitors and someone chooses your gift, you get the lead (as they’d need to opt-in to get your free gift) and that’s how you build your list. One thing to note is that the event organizers will also get that same lead. So the quality of this traffic is not great but it is certainly better than of safe lists and traffic exchanges.

Social Media (YouTube, Twitter and Facebook)With Youtube, You can find a video that has gone viral (it can be non-relevant to IM), post it to your YouTube channel (very easy to make one) and, add a link to your squeeze page in the beginning of the description text for the video. That way you may get some traffic (you may be surprised when you see how much if the video you choose is really viral). The traffic you will get won’t be targeted much, but it can be (if you post a video related to your niche and gift you give to your squeeze page). With Twitter and/or Facebook, you can start building your list by posting a status which says something along the lines of ” Hey guys, I’ve recently started Internet Marketing and have set up a page with a free gift (make sure of-course you name the gift). Go and check it out if you like and let me know what you think” So nothing extreme here as most people have childhood friends and family connections in their facebook account. Now you won’t be using these people to market to buy a small list using Facebook and/or Twitter, can help you get started with the next method, which is email adswaps.