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Date: 2019-10-26 07:30:00

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We prepared a new funny video about situations everybody hates. Yes, these situations happen at least once to everyone. Watch this video and have a lot of fun! One thing that I hate it when you work and someone comes to the laptop and touches a screen. And all the screen is covered with fingerprints! Ugh! Another super-annoying problem is when you walk in a sock at home and step into the water. Do you have a friend who always asks to photograph him or her and you do your best to make cool photos? But what happens when you ask your friend to make your picture? Usually, photos are awful. One more annoying fact is when your friend eats pizza using fork and knife although crust works as a natural handle.
Living with a clumsy person is a source of fun and awkward moments. My favorite example of clumsiness is when my friend prepared a delicious sandwich for breakfast and it falls to the floor. Something always happens with this kind of person. They always have a lot of bruises and when friends ask you how you got this bruise you can’t even imagine. A kitchen is a dangerous place for you as you usually burn something or can’t open everything without getting everything all over the kitchen.
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00:09 Awkward moments everybody hates
01:37 Breakfast fails
02:32 Public transport nightmare
04:59 When you are a clumsy person

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