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Date: 2020-01-21 00:30:02

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Brilliant and easy tricks that will show you the magic of science

Richard Feynman said: “If you find science boring, then you are learning it from the wrong person”. And that is as true as it can get. So, in this video, I show you some easy little experiments that will channel your inner scientist and help you understand some of nature’s basic laws.
I show you a simple balloon hack. If you were to press your balloon against a needle, it will break, but if you were to press it against multiple needles, the weight of the balloon and the pressure from the needles will be distributed evenly and it won’t break that easily.
Acetone can melt Styrofoam and make it disappear. Styrofoam is made of polystyrene foam and when it dissolves in the acetone, the air from the foam is released. Therefore, we end up with a large portion of the material turning into a tiny portion of the liquid.
I also show you how the law of conservation of energy works using a ruler and some balls. You place a few balls one after the other on a ruler and then using another ball you roll it from afar. This creates energy to push one ball, and then it moves on to the other until it reaches the final ball. That little ball has enough room ahead of it to move. Therefore, it’s transferred from one object to the other.

0:33 – The gravity-defying chain trick
0:55 – Awesome hydrogen peroxide experiments
1:56 – Melted lipstick vs cold water
3:31 – Sprite vs raisins
4:04 – Cool experiments using magnets
5:13 – Magnetic ink
6:12 – Homopolar motor
7:20 – Optical illusion effect
9:16 – Cool glue trick
10:41 – Water vs glue
11:57 – Amazing candle trick with fire


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