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Date: 2019-11-02 13:30:01

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Did you know that it’s important to reuse plastic straws to save nature? Drinking straws pollute the ocean and a lot of animals die. That’s why it’s important to reuse drinking straws and there are a hundred ways to make useful crafts from them. For example, you can make jewelry or cute keychains. Also, you can make cute keychains using polymer clay. It’s a perfect material for crafting as you can create various forms without an effort. Watch this video and you will find how to make hot glue oreo mold to make various polymer clay crafts. Firstly, take an oreo cookie and cover it with hot glue. Let dry and remove the cookie. Now you an oreo mold to make, for example, cute keychains. You can also make customized trivets that will be a cool addition to your home design. You can choose any design you like or follow our tutorial. Check out an easy tutorial on how to create beautiful shells or lollipops following this tutorial: cut polymer clay in strips and place a comb on polymer clay and push a but. Now you have a striped print and watch the tutorial on how to finish a cute miniature shell.
The cheapest way to make paper roses is to use tissue or toilet paper. Moreover, you will find out how to make a beautiful tissue peony. You can use melted crayons to decorate greeting cards or gift boxes.
Let’s make chalk from eggshells. Firstly, wash thoroughly the shells and dry them. Grind the eggshells, add water, flour and dye. Mix all the components properly. Place this paste in any container and let dry for some time. Share this cool recycling idea with your friends.

01:03 Polymer clay crafts
01:27 Miniature cupcake
02:28 Eggshell chalk
04:00 Paper roses
07:14 Miniature shell

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