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Date: 2019-10-29 13:30:04

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Check out a collection of the most simple dishes you can imagine. The first recipe seems a crazy combination of hot and cold… fried ice-cream. You can amaze your friends with this cool dessert. Choose any ice-cream you like and put it in the middle of the two slices of bread. Use any mold you like, for example, glass, and press through the bread. It will avoid the ice-cream leaking. Fry and enjoy it.
Usually, we have two problems: it’s impossible to stop eating mangoes as they are truly delicious and the second problem is that everything becomes sticky around you and you also. In this video, we share an easy way to cut a mango. Mangoes have a large and flat pit in the middle and you need to make two slices on either side of the pit. Now you have two halves with flesh, use the knife to make squares as we show in our tutorial.
If you need to quickly soften butter, heat glass and cover the butter for 5 minutes. You can cook eggs after the expiration date if you have stored them properly. That’s why the best way is to freeze them in an ice cube mold. My favorite breakfast idea is to bake eggs with pumpkin. Yes, it sounds strange but this dish is incredibly delicious and looks cool! It’s the best choice for those people who prefer healthy food.
Find out how to make egg balls wrapped in bacon! It’s a very delicious dish you can cook for dinner to amaze your friends. Firstly, prepare the rice and wrap an egg in rice using a plastic bag. After that take bacon slices and wrap the balls and fry.

00:01 Delicious burger idea
00:25 Fried ice-cream
01:03 How to quickly cut mango
03:02 Crazy delicious egg ideas
07:34 Eggs wrapped in bacon
10:02 Orange coffee

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