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Date: 2019-06-30 15:45:05

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Hey, guys! We prepared a collection of ideas that you will totally love! Nowadays, it’s really hard to make a cool picture. That’s why we share brilliant tips to make special shots to increase the number of followers. Bloggers will love the ideas on how to improve your social media photos. Beauty blogger, we have a cool idea for you! Try to make a cool slo-mo video using a cosmetic brush and glitter. Girls, we have one more incredible idea – make a waterfall of rose petals. The next idea sounds crazy but you can make your booty look bigger on photos using a pan!

You will be surprised how multifunctional lids from a pack of baby wipes might be! I bet you usually throw it away but you can reuse them and create an educational for toddlers game to learn different animals; to make a box for earrings or for photos. Moreover, open sockets are dangerous for children and you can use a wipes lid to cover them.
The next collection of ideas will teach you how to make inexpensive miniature accessories for a Barbie. Decorate Barbie’s bathroom with beautiful bottles of beauty products. Besides, your doll as every girl should have a makeup collection and again we know how to do it! Check out our step by step tutorial on how to make cool pink lipstick, nail polish, and mascara for your Queen. Check out how to make a glamorous backpack for your Barbie. If you want to make a doll’s house even cozier, decorate her room with miniature succulents made from felt and thimble.

00:09 Photo ideas for bloggers
01:43 How to make a perfect sunset photo
03:16 Magic tricks to prank your friends
08:20 Educational game for toddlers
12:45 Miniature accessories for a Barbie

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