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Date: 2019-07-04 18:30:02

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Every girl knows that being well-groomed requires a lot of money and budget. Girls, check out cool ideas that will help you to look flawless and save a lot of time and money:
Check out easy tutorials on how to perfectly line your lips using a bobby pin
You will be surprised but you can curl your hair using a plastic bottle
Remove underarm hair using out the cool recipe: mix coffee, lemon juice, and toothpaste
If you need to quickly dry your hair, put a plastic bag on your head and dry it with a hairdryer as you usually do
You can quickly clean your cosmetic brushes using a strainer and liquid soap
If your flat iron is dirty, clean it very quickly with Coke and towel. Yes, it’s not a joke, you will find a tutorial in the video
Lemon juice is a perfect replacement for nail polish remover
Exfoliate your lips using sticky tape and do not forget to moisturize them using a lip balm every day
This idea is really crazy – you can dye your hair using a washable highlighter and hair conditioner
If you are out of lipstick, replace it with food coloring
If your belly is not ready for summer, try our contouring technique to make it look stunning. But do not forget that sport is the best way to keep your body in shape
Mix vaseline, glitter, and pigment, microwave for 2 minutes. Your inexpensive eyeshadows are ready!
Watch step by step tutorial how to create a beautiful print on your boring tights

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00:09 Lipstick lifehacks
01:01 Crazy way to curl your hair
01:33 Forget about underarm hair
02:54 Clever way to clean a flat iron
04:08 How to exfoliate your lips

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