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Date: 2019-07-10 12:30:02

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Hey, guys! This video is full of cool ideas and tutorials that will help you to create cool phone cases and phone tricks that will ease your life. You will learn how to make cute phone cases from ordinary things. Check out how to make a marble print on a phone case using a marker and alcohol. Also, kids will love the idea of a fluffy phone case with googly eyes. Polymer clay is one of the best materials for crafting and you can make a lot of funny cases using polymer clay. Follow our tutorials and make a phone case with noodles, pink girly phone case and more. Another super-cool idea is stress reliever phone case that looks very funny! Follow the step by step tutorial on how to make squishy egg phone case: firstly, take your plastic phone case and make a circle, let dry and cover with white nail polish. Next, take a balloon, cut half and insert a slime. After that glue the balloon in the center of the circle.
As a bonus, we share cool phone tips I bet you haven’t known before. When you are doing something around the home and it’s so hard to type with both hands. Switch your keyboard to thumb mode. Check our tutorial! Turn your iPhone into the scanner with our easy tutorial. This function is hidden inside the Notes App. Firstly, launch Notes app, create a note and tap the more button (+ symbol) above the keyboard. Tap scan document. You can electronically sign documents from your email. Firstly, open the document and tap toolbox icon and tap ‘’Signature’’. Sign the document using your finger and tap ‘’Done’’.

00:09 Cool phone tips
00:49 Marble phone case
02:35 Fluffy phone case
03:44 No scanner?
09:14 Rainbow phone case

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