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Date: 2020-02-14 13:30:04

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Running into trouble or getting caught up in annoying situations is an everyday occurrence for all of us. Well, in this video I show you how to make it tolerable and fix all of your little problems with hacks that won’t cost you any money.
If you have saws in your workshop that are exposed, cover them with pool noodles. This way you’ll prevent a ton of accidents waiting to happen.
If you’re using an electric screwdriver, you can attach the screws to it with an elastic band.
If you’re doing some work and your back rests on something sharp – such as a step, you can use your ironing board to lay on it and prevent backache.
You can remove rust from your tools by soaking them in Coca-Cola overnight.
You can keep your tools organized by placing them through drilled holes on a plastic bucket. This way, the sharp edges will face down and it’s more secure.
Always use a pair of pliers to hold screws or nails down and prevent yourself from accidentally hitting your fingers with a hammer.
You can pack cutlery inside sanitary pads to keep them and yourself secure.
Watch until the end to see all of my life-saving hacks.

0:54 – How to clean a roller fast
2:18 – How to organize your tools
4:01 – Amazing packaging hacks
6:12 – How to pack your bed
7:25 – Smart way to organize your wires
8:18 – How to remove any stain from your clothes
10:42 – Cool hacks for the summer

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