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Date: 2019-12-29 08:30:03

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Thanks to PurTru for sponsoring this video! Find these all-natural non-toxic sanitizing, descaling and cleaning solutions here: https://purtru.com/


Most people don’t know that it’s highly important to regularly clean home appliances in order to eliminate harmful contaminants and prevent them from breaking down. Luckily, you can choose safe and effective cleaners for your appliances. PurTru is the best choice for those who prefer all-natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions for home appliances. Besides, PurTru products are septic safe, do not contain fragrances or dyes and have never been animal tested. In this video we show you the easiest non-toxic ways to clean your dishwasher, coffee machine, jetted tub, ice maker and ice machine, washing machine and garbage disposal.
To clean your dishwasher without using harmful chemicals try PurTru Dishwasher Machine Descaling and Cleaning Solution. This plant-based solution eliminates all unpleasant odors and restores your dishwasher to like-new condition.
Do not forget to clean your coffee machine as well using PurTru Coffee & Espresso Machine Descaling and Cleaning Solution instead of other toxic chemical coffee maker cleaners and protect your family from harmful chemicals. For optimal performance and to extend the life of your coffee & espresso machine, descale and clean your machine every 1-3 months or as needed. It will protect your family against harmful chemicals and also it will extend the life of your machine.
Jetted tubs are great and have a lot of benefits but like any other item in your bathroom it’s important to clean your tub and jets regularly to help them to function properly and ensure that you and your family bathe in clean water. Protect your family from toxic chemicals found in other jetted tub cleaners and use PurTru Jetted Tub and Plumbing System Cleaning Solution to remove bacteria and other harmful contaminants found in your jetted tub.
Try PurTru Ice Maker & Machine Descaling and Cleaning Solution, a safe and effective alternative to other toxic ice maker cleaners and enjoy better tasting ice.
Bacteria and other harmful contaminants in your washing machine can cause foul odors on your clean clothes and make your machine dirty and unsanitary. Use PurTru Washing Machine Sanitizing and Cleaning Solution instead of other harmful toxic washing machine cleaners to safelyand effectively remove odor causing bacteria and other harmful contaminants found in your washer. Keep your washer machine looking like new and your clothing clean and smelly fresh.
Cleaning your garbage disposal regularly eliminates foul odors and other harmful contaminants. Use PurTru Garbage Disposal Deodorizing and Cleaning Solution instead of other toxic garbage disposer cleaners and keep your disposal smelling fresh and your sink looking like new.


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